Course red eye, white eye, brown eye.

Ophthalmology course: Red eye, white eye, brown eye

Learn the most common causes that can cause the appearance of a red, white and/or brown eye. During the course, the different ailments caused by these pathologies will be analyzed through clinical cases: endothelial degeneration/dystrophy, glaucoma, uveitis, eyelid problems, conjunctivitis, dry keratoconjunctivitis, brachiocephalic syndrome.

Two weeks before the course, a mailbox will be opened on the website so that attendees can leave questions of interest, within the general theme of the course, which the specialist will answer during the course of the talks.

The course offers four weeks of initial settlement of concepts (ASIC weeks) after the course, in which direct contact is offered free of charge through a WhatsApp platform with the specialist, to resolve doubts about the course.


COURSE Ophthalmology course: Red eye, white eye, brown eye
  • Provide a basic understanding of the most common diseases that cause the appearance of a red and/or white eye.
LEVEL Initiation-Medium
  • General veterinarians with basic knowledge in ophthalmology or with a solid base in the field of ophthalmology who want to delve into the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.
DATES 21-22 Mayo
IMPARTED BY Elena Fenollosa Romero

  • LdaVet CertVOphthal DipECVO MRCVS
  • EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology
  • Coordinator of the BSAVA ophthalmology certificate in the UK
  • Professor and specialist clinic of the Ophthalmology Service of the Reference Veterinary Hospital of the UCV (Catholic University of Valencia)
PROGRAM 12/05-20/5: Envío de consultas, dudas para resolver durante el curso.

SÁBADO 21/05

9.15-9.30. Entrance to the platform.

9.30-10.30 White eye: endothelial degeneration/dystrophy, epithelial degeneration/dystrophy.

10.30-11.30. White/blue eye: cataract and lens sclerosis.

11.30-12.15. Descanso.

12.15-13.15. White/blue eye, red eye: uveitis and glaucoma.

13.15-14.45. Meal.

14.45-15.45. Red eye: conjunctivitis, palpebral problems.

15.45-16.45. Brown eye: dry keratoconjunctivitis.

16.45-17.00. Descanso.

17.00-18.00. Brown eye: brachiocephalic syndrome.


9.30-11.00. Clinical cases: endothelial degeneration/dystrophy, glaucoma, uveitis.

11.00-11.30. Descanso.

11.30-13.30. Clinical cases: eyelid problems, conjunctivitis, dry keratoconjunctivitis, brachiocephalic syndrome.

13.30-13.45. Closing of the course.

23/05- 23/06; Periodo para resolver dudas sobre el curso (mail/whassap)

COST 350€
PAYMENT METHODS Antes del 1 de mayo: 300€
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